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Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Ways to Avoid Financial STDs (Substantially Tremendous Debt)

Have you or someone you know been infected with Financial STDs? I have…
In my book Financial Fornication, I talk about Financial STDs (Substantially Tremendous Debt).  This financial dis-ease is not only financially and emotional painful, but families and cosigners can get infected as well because it can be contagious.
Here are 5 ways to avoid Financial STDS.
Use Financial Contraception.
Financial Contraception is better known as a budget or spending plan. Create a budget or spending plan that works with your lifestyle. Using a budget is the best protection against acquiring Financial STDs.
Avoid being financially promiscuous with multiple credit cards.
Pick a credit card that has the lowest rate and provides bonus points if you must or choose to use a credit card for purchases. Using multiple credit cards may result in excessive spending, which result in Financial STDs.
Limit or Avoid Financial One Night Stands.
A financial one night stand is a financial transaction, usually less than $50-$100, that should be paid in cash or paid in full if purchased with credit. If you choose to use credit for these types of transactions, avoid turning those financial one night stands into a long term financial relationship by revolving the balance and not paying it off in full. Vernacularly speaking, “Hit it & Quit it!”
Become Financial Abstinent.
When your finances feel like they’re getting out of control, sometimes it’s best to just STOP using credit to get a handle on your finances. Being financially abstinent stops the leaks in finances so a budget can be created to build up immunity against Financial STDs.
Get out of Financially AbusiveRelationships.
If you are getting your butt kicked with ridiculously high loan rates, low deposit rates, lots of fees and poor customer service, they’re probably really not that into you, which means that it’s time to plan your exit strategy from that financially abusive relationship.  You don’t have to stay. Date financial institutions to find the best one for you.
For more tips, check out my book “Financial Fornication.”
Financially True,
Tarra Jackson, Making Money Sexy