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Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Signs You're Ready for Financial Coaching

Have you (or someone you know) ever thought about hiring a Financial Coach to help you create and accomplish your financial goals? Check this out ... 

The sense of frustration has become epidemic with today's economy, challenges are becoming more prevalent with personal financial matters. Building financial stability and wealth can be a confusing and complex huge pill to swallow. So, where is a person supposed to find the time to become a financial expert and learn what is necessary to build the financial stability desired?
Are You Ready for ...
Hiring a financial coach provides a competitive advantage by leveraging the person's time with specialized financial expertise that cuts through the clutter, confusion and contradictory information by teaching them what is relevant - efficiently and with minimal hassle.
Here are 5 Signs that You may be Ready Financial Coaching.

  1. You're tired of procrastinating and ready to start building wealth and living your dreams.
  2. You want to develop your own personalized action plan for building financial security based on principles that are custom designed to fit your specific situation - not a cookie-cutter or generic plan.
  3. You want an accountability partner to help you maintain focus on your financial goals.
  4. You're just "not interested" with traditional financial planning where all they want to do is sell you investment products. Instead, you want straightforward advice without all the sales pitches.
  5. You realize that "true wealth" is not just about more money ... you want to balance your life while working toward financial freedom so that you don't make the mistake of sacrificing your family, health, or a fulfilling life in pursuit of money.
So, if you're ready to start working with a financial coach, feel free to contact me at Prosperity Now Financial Management Services.
Financially True,
Tarra Jackson, Making Money Sexy!